Tangled Manta Ray Asks For Diverís Help!

This video is sure to bring a smile to your face today. These scuba divers caught a beautiful moment on film as they swam in the ocean! A huge manta ray comes right up to them as if asking to be un - tangled from the garbage wrapped around him. It is seriously the sweetest thing ever.

More people are realizing that animals do communicate with us, and they are nothing to fear. Animals, since they have no language like us humans do, communicate through vibration and energy. So humans that are open enough to receive and understand these subtler vibrations and hold peace and love in their hearts instead of fear of the unknown are having amazing experiences such as this one!

Animals are very intelligent beyond what we give them credit for honestly. This manta ray sure proves it. The video itself is so beautiful yet sad because it shows the beauty of a human being able to connect and communicate and help an animal in need. It also shows the juxtaposition of the garbage being tangled around the manta ray and the human having to un - tangle the string from around it, garbage that another human carelessly threw away into the ocean. It honestly gave me chills to watch this video!

We are in a time where we have a choice to keep doing things the way they have always been done, or to move forward in a way that benefits ALL beings on planet Earth and the Earth herself. We have a responsibility as humans on this planet to take care of it, and love all beings that live on it. Living with consciousness and compassion. Human beings are able to connect in such a deep way with animals, and even plants if we just open up to our higher consciousness.

Watch this amazing video at 'Scuba Diver Life'! You will be so glad you did!

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