Tasty Grape Poppers

Grapes are available year round in most stores. Green and red grapes are those lovely little pop in your mouth, guiltless fruits that never go out of style. Who doesn't love grapes? Seedless or not, they're always a favourite. They're healthy and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are perfect in lunches and usually eaten just as they are. Among its health benefits are, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory in a sense that it lowers the risk of unwanted and excessive inflammation in a variety of ways, cardiovascular, blood sugar regulation, anti-aging and longevity, anti-microbial, and anti-cancer.

That said, why not make a special little something from grapes that you surely will enjoy? All you need to do is have the ingredients ready and in a few minutes, you're up for a delight! The procedure are pretty simple. Below are the ingredients that you need to prepare:


- Grapes

- Candiquik Vanilla Coating

- Pecans or any nuts of your preference

- Toothpicks

- Wax paper

First, make sure to wash the grapes and let them dry and pierce them using the toothpicks. Melt the Candiquik Vanilla coating as specified on the instructions and pour the liquid on a clean tray. Roll the grapes while holding the other end of the stick then dip them on the pecans or any preferred nuts of your choice. Prepare the wax paper and carefully lay the grapes until they get dry.

Isn't it pretty simple right? You then have something different to share with your family, friends, colleagues and everyone who love sweets. This darling little treat makes a great healthier alternative for children's parties, birthday, anniversaries and also nights with the ladies when you do not want to feel overindulged and very full. Serve and indulge your tasty grape poppers. Enjoy!

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