Ten Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats!

Itís the age-old argument Ė are cats better than dogs, or are dogs superior when it comes to a live-in companion? Over at Pets 4 Homes, theyíve given us 10 reasons why dogs make the best pets Ė here are just a few to get you going! Donít worry, they say soon there will be an article on why cats are better than dogs, just to even the score.

Dogs will play with you! You will never be lonely or bored with a dog. In fact, a dog will keep you on the move and ever-active with walking, running, and playing your heart out. Dogs can be very entertaining both for adults and kids because they love to play so much! They will keep you occupied for long periods of time. Cats tend to be a little more aloof, especially as they get older, and will not ever learn to fetch a ball for you.

Dogs can be trained to do their business outside! After the initial house training stages when your best mateís a puppy, you will never have to clean up after him or her again. Unlike cats, who use litter boxes indoors, dogs prefer using the great outdoors.

Dogs are more adaptable! Dogs deal well with changes and donít mind moving from place to place. You can pretty much take them anywhere! Cats are home bodies and prefer to stay at home, one home, where they feel safe and comfortable. It takes them a bit longer to adjust to new surroundings.

Dogs are loyal and will protect you if youíre in danger! Dogs are amazing that way and will always stick up for you. Cats can be fickle and are tempted to trade you in for a more suitable human if you donít live up to their expectations.

For more great reasons why dogs make better pets than cats, please visit the Pets 4 Homes website below!

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