Ten Tips From A Shaolin Monk On How To Stay Young Forever

"Health is wealth", this is a famous adage that every person must consider. This just simply means that you need to take good care of your health no matter what. When you have good health, it is invaluable. Here are ten tips worth considering passed on by a monk that is not only a scholar but also an accomplished martial artist on how to stay younger and healthy.

1. Take a rest from thinking. Thinking too much about something will require you to spend more energy. Stressful thoughts can show on your face and make you look old.

2. Be more of a do-er than a talker. Learn to talk a lot less.

3. Always have time for breaks when working. Take a 10 minute break after working for 40 minutes. Prolonged periods of time looking at screens and books can damage your eyes and internal organ. Try to maintain a peaceful state. Give yourself permission to take these breaks.

4. Control your happiness. Being too happy can badly affect your lung energy. This may sound like an odd one, as you want to be in a state of happiness. Equanimity on your emotions is more calming inside.

5. Your intestines and liver can be affected negatively when you have anger or worry. Find that place of equanimity with all things.

6. Avoid overeating. Only consume enough amount of food because overeating may cause some negative effects to your spleen.

7. Do not rush things up. Take your time, whatever you are doing, you will still get to the end but in a more mindful manner.

8. Apply Qigong when doing some physical exercise routines. By doing this, you will never lose your balance while performing the routines. Keep in mind that losing your balance may cause you to become impatient.

9. Always do physical exercises together with some other health-benefiting activities like meditation so that you can maintain a good amount of Yang energy.

10. Performing Shaolin Gong Fu can also give you some health benefits.

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