Ten Top Tips For Perfect Beef Wellington

These Ten Top Tips For Perfect Beef Wellington will have you mastering the dinner party classic recipe that will have your guests coming back for more. Beef Wellington is one of those recipes that will have your guests in awe of your cooking skills. The simple recipe tips and tricks that you will find on this site will ensure your recipe success everytime. The following are just a few of the top tricks you can try. To start, you want to make sure to cook the mushrooms until you know they aren't releasing any more liquid, otherwise once inside the puff pastry, they will seep out once wrapped, which will cause the pastry to become soggy. Another cooking tip that is important is to be sure to wrap tightly the pastry around the beef. The tighter the wrapping around the beef, the better the shape, which will result in the more even cooking of the recipe. To get the Beef Wellington to have the perfect shape, you want to wrap the beef tightly in the crepes and chill the wrapped beef for the full 30 minutes to allow the recipe to rest. Beef Wellington is an excellent recipe to make ahead for entertaining. You can do this and then cover the pastry wrapped Beef Wellington in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for up to one day until you are ready to bake. When you are ready to serve you want to use a sharp serrated knife to cut the beef Wellington into thick slices. You want the knife to be sharp, so you don't break the delicate pastry. To prepare an easy sauce recipe, you can saute finely chopped French shallots with a drizzle of red wine, some beef stock and some fresh thyme, and simmer the sauce until thickened.

Beef Wellington is a recipe that is made of fillet steak that is coated with pâté, quite often a pâté de Foie gras and duxelles. The recipe is then wrapped in a puff pastry and baked. Some Beef Wellington recipes include wrapping the coated meat in a crępe so that it retains its moisture and prevents it from making the pastry too soggy. To make this main dish recipe a whole beef tenderloin can be wrapped and baked, and then sliced for serving. The tenderloin may also be sliced into individual portions just before wrapping and baking. For the recipe you can also add spices to enhance the flavor, some popular spices for the recipe are allspice and ginger.

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