The 34 Most Delicious Things You Can Do To Potatoes

“Potatoes rule the internet.” “Potatoes rule the kitchen.” “Potatoes rule the world.” Yes, they do young fella. They are the king of everything. This time, King Potato has showed its prowess when it comes to food. These 34 most delicious things you can do to potatoes will make you love potatoes more. *silence* And that is the understatement of the century. You will not only love them, you will worship potatoes! *winks* Anyway, so much for the potato-ey devotion. Let’s get to know 4 of these 34 most delicious things that you can do to potatoes. Are you ready to get hungry? “Oh yes! Bring it on, sister!” Nice! *winks*

Have you ever tried making a potato dish with beer as part of the ingredients? “I will make that later. Anything that has beer and potatoes is welcome to my kitchen.” Awesome! This beer-soaked chili cheese fries will make you full… and drunk later! *winks* What about this Crash Hot Potatoes recipe? This recipe seems to punish our taters. They are boiled, smashed, and baked. Three cooking methods in one! “Oh dear potatoes! I wonder what they look like after those treatments.”

Well, again, potatoes have never failed us, dear one, and they will never do. There’s nothing you can do that will turn us off towards potatoes. *winks* What do you say about pizza and potatoes in one dish? *silence* “I am out of words, my friend. I don't think there’s a word that could best describe the pizza-potato duo.” The feeling is mutual, buddy! These Pizza Baked Potatoes are… well, there’s nothing I could say. They’re… beyond words. For the last recipe, if there are French fries, tater tots, and pizza potatoes, there are also potato waffles! *silence* Is there anything a potato can’t do? Anyway, this recipe uses leftover mashed potatoes. See, even the leftover potatoes can be created into something very delicious. Hail potatoes!

Well, you are all very hungry. I don’t assume, I know. *winks* I will help you with that. Just continue by visiting the "Buzzfeed.' website below.

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