The 36 Best Kept Kitchen Secrets

Are you a busy mom? Well, I am and just recently, I found out that there are natural ways and helpful kitchen tips that I can use to save me time to clean and prepare meals for my family. And I am so glad that I had found out these helpful tips. Now, I am going to share these ďsecretsĒ to you mommies.

1.De-peeling boiled egg. My hubby likes to have hard boiled eggs on breakfast. Itís part of his diet. So I always make sure that itís always on our breakfast menu. Sometimes I prepare it with freshly cut tomatoes on the side. The thing that I donít like doing is the peeling of the eggshell (especially when it still hot). Then I found out an easy way to do it. All you have to do is put the boiled egg in a glass of water (half inch of water). Shake it off completely covering the top open of the glass with your other hand. Just less than 3 seconds to do it and your egg should be de-peeled. Just like that.

2.Peeling the garlic. One of the few things that I find difficult to do when I am cooking, and I still has to peel garlic. But, I found out the best and easy way to peel garlic without smashing them into pieces. You need two bowls of the same size. Put the garlic inside. Cover it with the other bowl. Make sure to seal the lid. Shake it off. You will hear a dull thud sound but will quickly change into sharp knock. Thatís when you take a look to see if they have all undressed.

3.How to keep bananas fresh longer. One of my kidsí favorite is bananas. So, I always store bananas in my kitchen for a week. But I always have a hard time keeping them fresh until I found out a way. I read that bananas release ethylene gas naturally to ripen each other. So if you store them at 13 degrees. It will slow down the process of maturing. All you need to do is you separate them. Put each banana inside the plastic bag. Wrap it tightly. Do the same step to the rest of bananas. Then put the wrapped bananas into a double plastic bag. This will prevent bananas from suffering cold air directly in the refrigerator. And I have tried this tip, and it is effective. Now I donít have to worry of keeping my bananas fresh and last for a week.

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