The 4 Tastiest Butter Recipes in the World

Its pretty hard to make real butter any better, but seriously, I may never look at butter the same after trying out these flavored butters. Perfect for a holiday treat, to make every day food a little more special, and making your foodie friends cheer. Plus, I get to use my Mason jars, which always makes me happy.

Here are 4 flavored butter recipes that whip up in literally a minute or less. I know, thats my kind of cooking when Im busy.

Need a quick and frugal gift or treat? These 4 easy flavored butter recipes whip up in less than a minute. Plus, I get to use a Mason jar. A fun and delicious gift for the foodies in your life.

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Todays post is by Shaunta and I could tell we were going to be good friends, I mean, how can we not bond over aprons and butter?

Real butter is such a treat, isnt it? Its luxurious, without being too expensive. Theres just something about it that makes ordinary food special. (Melissa here: Pass me the buttah!)

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Butter is also super simple to add flavor to and make even more special. Little 4 ounce mason jars *affiliate link full of the flavored butter you used to make a holiday meal for friends or family makes a great gift to send home with your guests.

Really, just about any flavor combination you can come up with can be worked into softened butter. I made Lime Chili Butter, Peach Cinnamon Brown Sugar Butter, and Maple Walnut Butter and they all turned out spectacular. (Melissa-I made the Gingerbread Butter and am in love)

What youll need:

A hand mixer or stand mixer

A bowl

A food processor


Real butter (each recipe is for one stick)4

For the Lime Chili Butter:

A lime

Chili powder

For the Peach Cinnamon Brown Sugar Butter:

Frozen peaches


Brown sugar

For the Maple Walnut Butter:

Maple syrup (real is best, but pancake syrup works)

Chopped walnuts

For the Gingerbread Butter:





Basic Instructions

For any flavored butter youd like to try, start with room temperature, softened butter.

Whip the butter on with a hand mixer on medium for about two minutes. You want it to be soft and light.

Blend in ingredients on low, or stir them in with a spoon.

You can either pack the butter into a 4 ounce jar or line a square container with wax paper and mold the butter. If you chose to mold the butter, wrap it in clean waxed paper and decorate with paper or a ribbon.

A stick of butter is four ounces, so if you add something more substantial than spices, youre going to have too much butter for a 4 ounce jar. Darn. Youre going to have to eat the rest yourself!

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