The 5 Middle Eastern Pantry Staples, From Pomegranate Molasses To Ras-El-Hanout

You will want to take a look at the 5 Middle Eastern Pantry Staples, from pomegranate molasses to Ras-El-Hanout. There is nothing quite like Middle Eastern gourmet recipes with dishes that combine fresh, tangy and fragrant flavors. If you are hoping to learn the basics of Middle Eastern recipes, the following pantry staples are good suggestions to put you on the right track. The following popular ingredients are five of the most common and important ingredients you will want to have in your pantry for Middle Eastern recipes. Tahini is the ingredient that is first on the list. This staple ingredient can be used for dressing recipes, sauce recipe, dips and can even be baked into flatbread recipes and cake recipes. Tahini is a nutty, rich sesame-seed paste that is essential to Middle Eastern recipes. When buying tahini to use in gourmet recipes and quick recipes you will want to find tahini paste that is smooth and light in color. The natural oil at the top of the tahini will rise to the top, so you will want to stir it into the tahini before using.

Pomegranate molasses is another staple for Middle Eastern gourmet recipes. The juice from sour pomegranates is reduced to make this syrup that is sweet-tart that adds a lovely layer of complexity to recipes from lamb kebabs to baba ghanoush. The next ingredient you want to have in your pantry for Middle Eastern quick recipes is Aleppo pepper. This pepper is prized for bringing both a mild and fruity heat to most any savory recipe dish it's added to. Aleppo pepper is a Syrian spice that is now popular all over the world. When buying Aleppo pepper you want to look for coarse flakes that do not have seeds.

Next, on the list of ingredients to use when making Middle Eastern gourmet recipes and quick recipes is rose and orange flower water. Both of these fragrant waters are distilled from the Damascus rose and the Seville orange tree. Mymoune is a popular brand to use. Last on the recipe finder of popular Middle Eastern ingredients is Ras-El-Hanout. This is a potent Moroccan blend of up to thirty spices. Each merchant who makes this spice blend has their unique blend. You want to buy it ground up in small quantities, and not use too much of it.

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