The 50 Most Essential Kitchen Secrets

There are certain things that make working in the kitchen so much easier and prevent waste. Here are The 50 Most Essential Kitchen Secrets that will help make your experience in the kitchen much more efficient. This is a great list to keep on hand, since it is packed full of amazing tips that can help you in a big way. It has 50 wonderful tips that are so easy to apply in your everyday life, while preparing meals in your kitchen. There are some things on here that will have you pretty impressed and intrigued to see if they actually work. So here is your chance to do some kitchen science and put these tips to the test.

There are so many things that can go bad, so quickly, including vegetables and fruits, eggs, meat, and dairy products which would be on the top of the list of perishables. Fruit and vegetables should mostly be left out of the fridge and eaten as soon as possible for maximum nutrient content. But if you are like many people in North America, you will know that it has become most people's habit to stock up their fridges with food to make a hectic work week run as smoothly as possible, by always having food to make on hand. Sometimes this means a lot of the fresh produce going to waste if you don't have the best storage techniques. No need to fret though, this article has you covered.

Did you know that you can store dairy products like cheese and yogurt, even sour cream upside down and they won't grow mold as quickly? Or that if you put fruit in a brown paper bag over night it will ripen faster? If you detest the odours that your plastic to go containers are holding onto, all you need to get rid of the smell is newspaper, believe it or not. Make a fun chocolate mousse by adding whipping cream to any pudding recipe, and make store bought icing better just by beating it with a hand held mixer. You can clean all of that fingerprinted up stainless steel you own just with some simple rubbing alcohol, instead of buying expensive wipes, saving you so much money and time trying to get it right.

I also had no idea you could restore the bubbles in champagne so effortlessly either, you will be surprised at the way you can do this. This is a list for keeps, I am totally bookmarking this one for future reference. Its great to have all of these amazing secrets in one place online, available to even be printed out so you can have a copy right in your kitchen to refer to.

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