The Amazing New Way to Eat Avocados

I love all kinds of Mexican food and it is a staple in our family meals at dinnertime. Healthy and quick to prepare, they are always a hit when served. The tacos and the burritos are great but my favorite is the tortillas and salsa. But, I need to share with you The Amazing New Way to Eat Avocados. My mother makes amazing guacamole, and uses the freshest ingredients to make tasty dips to eat throughout the day. One of her favorite ways of displaying the salsa and guacamole for the kids is by using the hollowed out halves of the avocado. Then she fills one half with salsa and the other with guacamole. She then uses the other avocados (she would buy a bag full) and takes the pit out of them and fills it with stuffing and bakes it. For example: avocado stuffed with crab and cheese (with the cheese lightly melted). It was delicious and we could eat the avocado with crab morsels... I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

When I was online looking at a salsa recipe, I came across the Country Living link about the stuffed avocados. It was just the right inspiration. I couldn't wait to try them all. A simple substitution had us eating baked eggs in avocados, southwestern chicken and corn instead of crab and making a strawberry salsa to eat out of avocados on a warm summer night. They looked better than in the picture and taste amazing! Do not worry you can even use quinoa or grains to stuff them, and you can improvise with your favorites too! I even made a simple ice cream flavor using avocado and mint for a refreshing finish with a smooth texture.

Whatever way you do your avocado, it is sure to work, whether it is sliced, toasted, diced or smashed. They also work well as a garnish, and as a vessel that you can add lots of great ingredients to, they are shaped perfectly just like a bowl. One of the recipes on the amazing new way to eat avocados list is cheese stuffed. You can pack up an avocado with a mixture of olive oil, za'atar, and chèvre. The ingredients are added to the avocado, and then lightly broiled so that the cheese gets all melted and the avocado becomes nice and toasty. This only takes about three to five minutes. Then you want to sprinkle with a little bit of flake salt (Maldon is a good one to try). Eat these while they are still warm. You can always substitute the chèvre goat cheese for some red pepper flakes and ricotta, or some basil and mozzarella. Either way they all taste delicious.

Smashed, sliced, toasted, diced. Anyone in their right mind is obsessed with avocados. Sure, it's great as a garnish, but what about as a vessel to deliver even more goodies to my mouth? That seems like a no-brainer.

By removing the pit, your avocado becomes more than an ingredient — it becomes an entire meal. Just whip up your favorite sandwich filling, dip, or mini meal and stuff it into the perfect pit-shaped bowl. Next, grab a spoon and eat your crazy-quick, unbelievably delicious meal.

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