The Baltic Sea Anomaly 2014, 14,000 Year Fossilized UFO/USO Crash Site Shag Harbour Incident Stunning Discoveries

There are just so many stories that come up online that it's difficult to separate what's real from what's not. Have you heard of the Baltic sea anomaly 2014, with the 14,000 year fossilized UFO/USO crash site shag harbor incident unveiled stunning discoveries? It's fascinating to think of all the history and artifacts laying at the bottom of the ocean. We always consider Earth to be such a big place, and when we think of all the land mass there's a lot to explore. But when we compare it to the depth and width of the ocean, land is almost pathetic in comparison. The ocean floor is so vast that it will take ages before we get to discover all that it has to offer. The deepest point has a ridiculous amount of pressure that won't allow any submarine to venture near it for fear of rupturing. But we are slowly but surely making our way to deeper and deeper points, and along with these advancements are a bunch of discoveries that go along.

Sometimes things are blown way out of proportion and the truth can be stretched a long way. So like I said it's hard to tell what stories are true, and which ones are simply fictitious. The photos in this article seem like they're almost fake, but the Sweden based "Ocean X" team assure us that they are real. Essentially at the bottom of the Baltic sea, they found this strange stone formation. It looks like a big dinner plate with a set of stairs that leads into a black hole in the center of it. They have dated it to about 14,000 years ago or earlier, and it's clear that it wasn't built by modern man. The shear scale alone is enough to impress us common humans. It's interesting because even with our current equipment, something of that size and proportion would be a difficult task achieve.

While much remains a mystery surrounding this 14,000 year old fossilized UFO/USO crash site, that's where the fun comes in. We get to hypothesize what we believe to have occurred, and who is responsible for these strange formations. This one in the photo is the first of 3 discoveries all within hundreds of meters of one another. At the moment three separate expeditions have been undertaken in order to further investigate these stunning discoveries. And while it might take a while before we draw any sure conclusions, it will be fascinating to see what else is uncovered in the years to come. As our technology becomes more sophisticated, we'll be able to further our research and maybe uncover the mysteries once and for all. Until then we can all take our turns at guessing who's behind these formations. If you're interested in learning more just click on one of the links to get redirected to the "Before It's News" website, where you can find the full in-depth article on this Baltic Sea anomaly 2014.

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