The Best and Easiest Way To Clean a Pan with A Dryer Sheet

Sometimes our cooking pans are harder to clean. But here we have The Best and Easiest Way To Clean a Pan with A Dryer Sheet! Yes, you read that right, a dryer sheet. We all have this happen from time to time, you cook something in a frying pan or a pot, and the food gets burned on the bottom of the pan or it just sticks so badly that you can't seem to get it off no matter what you do. There are even products that you can buy at the store that help get this baked on food off easily, like steel wool pads filled with a soap that helps make the food come off quickly. But why not just use something that you already have in your home, instead of having to go out and purchase a specialty item just for this one instance? This tutorial will make your kitchen cleaning a breeze!

This cleaning tip is so perfect because not only does it ensure you minimal scrubbing, it also uses dryer sheets. Which is an item that most everyone has in their home for drying their laundry. Who would have known that these inexpensive laundry sheets could work double duty as a cleaning product to?! It is so great when one product has multiple uses, so we don't have to have a whole cabinet dedicated to household cleaning products. This can also help you save some money so you can be able to purchase other items that you might want more or need more and who doesn't love being able to save some money more often then not?

I couldn't believe how incredibly ingenious this cleaning idea is. The whole process only takes a few steps and you don't even have to scrub too hard either. The pan with the caked on food gets some warm water put into it with a dryer sheet and then, it gets left like this to soak overnight. The water and the chemicals in the dryer sheet help to loosen up the stuck on debris from the pan's surface, making it easier for it all to come off in practically an instant. As you will see in the cleaning tutorial video, after the dryer sheet is removed from the pan and thrown in the garbage, the caked on food comes off like magic! You won't believe how amazingly this actually works! The baked on or burned on food just slides right off of the pan. Once the food slides off the pan, then you are free to clean the pan as you regularly would with dish soap and warm water, and you can scrub away any leftover gunk that has stuck around with a scrub brush or a steel wool pad.

If you were just to take the scrub brush or pad to the burned on food right away before soaking the pan with the dryer sheet and some water, it is highly unlikely that the food would come off of the pan right away. So this is a worthwhile cleaning tutorial to try out the next time you have some dirty pans to clean up. This would be perfect to try around the holidays like Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas when you have an excess of dishes that need to be cleaned effectively and efficiently. But of course, this can be used anytime, so try it out the next time you burn an egg in your frying pan, or maybe if some cheese gets caked onto the pan. Test out this cleaning tutorial for yourself to see if it really works and then you can share the video with all of your friends and family so that they can also try it out. Having the internet is such a great tool for learning new ways to clean everyday household items and more. Check out the great All You website for this and more how-to tutorials!

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