The Best Cooking Tricks We've Picked Up Over the Years

You will want to take a look at some of the Best Cooking Tricks We've Picked Up Over the Years. When it comes to cooking, the magazine "Bon Appetit" knows what they are doing. Always at the forefront of fresh recipe ideas and food trends, you are alway sure to find something yummy in their magazine or on their site. This list of some of the best cooking tricks they've picked up over the years is a good list no matter what your cooking skills are. Whether you are a novice cook or an experienced cook you can alway learn a thing or two in the kitchen, and you can also never have too many cooking tricks in your arsenal of recipe ideas and inspirations.

First cooking tip on the list is learning how to finish pasta recipes in the frying pan or skillet. All it takes is dumping the cooked pasta into the skillet of sauce, and stirring it around for a bit, then adding a splash of the water that the pasta was cooking in along with a knob of butter, then serving it right after. Cooking the pasta for just about a minute or two in the sauce helps to infuse the pasta, you add the cooking water to help emulsify the sauce recipe and make the dish complete. Another good cooking tip in the kitchen is to give your vegetables some space. When it comes to roasting vegetables, you want to make sure not to overcrowd them. When you give them a little room, they roast properly and will be twice as good. An easy tip that most people don't even consider is soaking their brown rice overnight. For anyone who has ever cooked brown rice, they know that it can take a bit of time. But if you use this simple trick of soaking the rice overnight, it will be much faster to cook.

Using a pressure cooker for cooking beans will make all the difference in a recipe. Just like soaking brown rice in water overnight will help you cook the rice faster, the same has to be done with beans. But if you use a pressure cooking you can eliminate this step and make some of the best bean recipes you've tried. So rather than soaking overnight you can just put them in the pressure cooker, and it takes 40 minutes from start to finish, making the beans perfectly tender.

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