The BEST Crepe Recipe

Today we would like to talk a little bit about crepes. They look simple enough. Flat little pancakes that are usually either stacked or rolled. Where did the crepe originate? The word crepe itself is of French origin. We do think of the French when we hear the word, but crepes are eaten all over the world. Basically a crepe is made with a thin liquid type of batter. You pour a small amount onto a very hot round crepe pan or skillet. It is best if the pan is well seasoned so it does not stick. It is very important that the batter is not thick or it will not spread out to the perfect shape we have come to expect in a crepe. You can make a sweet crepe or a savory crepe. Traditionally savory crepes use non-wheat flours, like buckwheat and sweet crepes are made with wheat flours. A crepe makes a delicious choice for breakfast...lunch...or dinner! How diversified is this simple food item. It really becomes about what you do with your crepe once it is made if you are going to go sweet or savory. You can even make a stack of crepes to make a "Mille Crepe" which is a multi layered cake filled with frostings. Crepes have hit the fast food stands and farmers markets as they take very little time to prepare and because of the diversity of fillings, you can quickly suit any craving. There is even a sourdough crepe

that is popular in the US that is being called the '49er flapjack'. It gets its name from the Klondike goldrush of 1898. Story has it according to wikipedia that food provisions for many a folk during the extreme cold winter months was scarce. Miners would put the dough ball under their clothes, next to their skin or tuck it under their blankets just to keep the active ingredient in the sourdough alive! Hard to imagine isn't it. We take so much for granted these days. We have a really good crepe recipe that you can find the ingredients and instructions for by visiting the 'Chef In Training' website below.

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