The Best Rainbow Cookies on Long Island

You can never have too many cookie recipes, cookies are the perfect everyday treat for lunches, snacks, school and work bagged lunches, and bake sales. "The Best Rainbow Cookies on Long Island," not only look delicious, but are colorful too. What a festive cake this is! Sometimes you just need a fun and bright and colourful cake to make for a birthday or just for fun anytime! This cake would be awesome for a kids birthday party, or someone who loves bright colours or rainbows. Maybe for a pride festival! Or maybe you don't even need a special occasion at all, you can just make this lovely cake to brighten up any day, and have a really tasty treat too. You could even get your kids to help you in making this awesome cake, they would have so much fun helping you! Plus, that is where the passion for cooking starts, is when you let the kids help you in the kitchen, it shows you trust them to give them the responsibility to help you out. Plus it is a fun thing to do together.

To make this rainbow cookie recipe you will need to have on hand some eggs, almond paste, sugar, flour, butter, almond extract, apricot preserves, semi sweet chocolate chips and green and red food colouring. To start this recipe you'll want to preheat your oven, and prepare the cookie recipe, it takes three lined pans to make, the first will have the plain mixture, the second the green mixture and the third the red mixture (the colors of the Italian flag!), bake the mixtures until browned, remove and cool. Then the apricot preserves will be spread on top of the layers. Next the chocolate mixture will be made then will be spread on each layer. To see the full directions of the recipe you will want to look at the site. You will see just how cool this cake looks when it comes out, and when you serve it, people will so wonder how you did that! They will be asking you to tell them the secrets in how you made it like that!

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