The Best Way to Safely Put Out a Grease Fire

Love to spend time in your kitchen? Do you love cooking? Me too! Cooking does not normally present a lot of dangers. If in any case of grease fires, are you aware of what to do during grease fires? What is a grease fire anyway? A grease fire happens when your cooking oil becomes too hot. You might be wondering how the cooking oil catches fire. When heating, the cooking oil will start to boil after this, it will then start smoking and catch on fire. A little reminder for vegetable oils, they have a smoking point around 375 degrees Fahrenheit. A grease fire isnít like a regular fire and never put it out the same way because it will make the fire worse.

The very best safety is prevention. Here are some reminders to prevent grease fires in your kitchen. Make sure to stay in the kitchen if you are heating oil for pan frying or deep frying. Never ever leave your kitchen unattended. If you are outside grilling, donít forget to put cat litter to the bottom of your grill to prevent grease fires from happening. A heavy pot with a lid is advisable to use when you are cooking. For you to know the temperature of the oil, you can clip a thermometer to the side of the pot. Make sure to keep an eye on the oil as it is heating. Wisps of smoke and acrid may the signs that you are about to catch a grease fire. If that happens, immediately turn down the heat or remove the pot from the burner completely. The oil will not immediately catch fire once it starts smoking but as we all know, smoke is a danger sign that a fire is starting.

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