Want to try living in a box? “Dude, I can’t even fit my head in it.” Bro, this box I’m talking about is somewhat different from what you expect. This Boooox Barn, as in with many o’s, is the house you’ll absolutely love. Well, this barn is simple, but it would certainly suit your luxurious taste! “I like simple and luxurious. Want to give me a tour inside this barn?” I’m surprised you have to ask, dear one. *winks* I’ll give you a glimpse of what’s inside this small, but elegant Boooox Barn. Come on! Let’s get in, shall we?

But before we go in, my friend, let’s have a look at the exterior of the barn first. This barn in Czech Republic looks very different on the outside; from the style and color. You can see that the design seems to be plain and simple. And the color? Well, you’ll see once we get inside. *winks* It’s black outside, yes. Hold that thought and let’s step inside now. “It’s all white!” Yes! The color of the exterior totally contradicts the interior color. This is so cool! Everything is white! “Cool!” Anyway, the size of the barn is about 25′ (7.6 m) long by 21′ (6.4 m) wide. *silence* It truly is box-sized, huh? To be fair, nowadays there are much smaller out there!

The barn is faithful to the Scandinavian style. The Booox Barn contains a bathroom, two lofts, a kitchen, living, and dining room. The first loft is for sleeping. It is a bedroom. The other loft is a combination of closet and hobby space. The bed in the loft bedroom almost occupies the entire space, thus, it is impossible to walk around the end. What the architects did is that they added a steel bridge to provide a second path between the two lofts. The bathroom has a unique shower wall that is made of steel-framed factory window. For the lights, switches and outlets, industrial light fixtures are used with a code-compliant but conventional looking surface-mounted wiring and porcelain switches and outlets. For the dining table, the architects have it custom designed. And the clothes rod? Well, they just made use of water pipes. Awesome architects are awesome! *winks*

“The house sounds beautiful.” That, my friend, is the understatement of the year! It’s awesome! Wonderful! Magnificent! Elegant! Name all the adjectives! Well, if you want to affirm my descriptions to this barn house, visit Small House Bliss’ website below and be amazed! *winks*

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