The Bungalito Tiny House with COOL Interior

We canít get enough of tiny houses, and it never ceases to amaze us Ė how original, creative, and adorable each individual design can be. Take the Bungalito, for example. Created by John Hindman, itís a brilliant reinterpretation of the traditional bungalow, downsized to an affordable bite-sized tidbit! And is there enough space? Most certainly!

Owner and founder of Red River Restorations in Austin Texas, John Hindmanís work ethic is as simple as it is sound. He believes old houses should be restored to their original integrity. Back in the day, houses were built to last; they were crafted with quality and durability in mind. These are the traditional values Hindman holds when heís restoring an old structure, and he puts them into his new structures too. Originally designed by his team as an office, studio, or guest room, the sweet little Bungalito can not only stand on its own, itís built to last! And hey, whatís all the buzz about tiny houses anyway? Well in a nutshell, thereís a tiny house social movement thatís taking the world by storm, and itís not going to go away anytime soon. As more and more folks choose to miniaturize their living space, theyíre looking to tiny houses as the ultimate solution. While the basic US home these days is about 2700 square feet, the average tiny home is up to 400 square feet, or smaller Ė like the Bungalito, which is only a few hundred square feet!

Many are joining the tiny house social movement for all different kinds of reasons, but the three main ones are living a simpler, cheaper, and environmentally-friendly life. In a complicated world, people just want to get back to the basics! Tiny house living gives us a lot more time and freedom, and it also brings us closer to nature. Why stay in the house all the time when youíve got the whole wide world outside to enjoy and explore? To learn more about the Bungalito tiny house Ė and for more great photos too Ė please visit the Tiny House Living website, below!

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