The Burger Grilling Basket... Must SEE!

The share good stuff website is full of things that are worth sharing, because they're that good. In this article, you'll get the chance to see the burger grilling basket... it's a must see! The picture gives you a good clue as to what it's about, but just wait until you learn more about this incredibly ingenious invention. People are always coming up with new and clever ways of making life easier, and this one is probably the best tool I've seen in a while. I can totally see myself buying one, it's a time saver for sure. Essentially it's a basket like the title says, with the burger patties placed within the grid and closed between two sides that clamp together for easy flipping. No need to flip each burger one by one anymore.

If you're going to be hosting a party anytime soon, or maybe you just have a big hungry family to feed, this gadget is something you should definitely consider bringing into your handy arsenal of cooking gear. The article also explores about a dozen or so other tools and kitchen utensils that are equally as amazing and cool. Some of them are less practical than they are aesthetic enhancing, or plain old fun to use. While others are ones you can use on a daily basis, and are absolutely practical... like heat resistant finger tongs so that you can flip bacon with your hands, using these silicone covers that go on your hands to keep them from burning. You need to see the picture to get exactly what I mean. There's also a magical jar opener that sits underneath your counter and takes off those difficult lids with ease! If you love eggs, and love the one you are making them for, then the egg heart shaped molder would be perfect for those sunny side up mornings with a big serving of love. What about when you have so many strawberries to hull? There is also a great tool for that on the Share Good Stuffs website, the tool even looks like a strawberry, and it helps remove the hull and the leaves easily without removing too much of the fruit.

We all also know what it is like to try and spread cold butter onto toast, well there is a great contraption that cuts the butter in a perfect square for you. I personally think that the universal dish rack is genius! It holds anything you put on it, even the cutlery that stands straight up in it to drain properly. It is made out of a silicone type material as well, so you wouldn't get that nasty musty smell that you might get with a cloth dish drainer. Or how about the funnier items they have on here like the drain stopper that looks like a manhole cover? Or the knife holder that looks like a circus act of showing off perfect aim in throwing knives. Or a cork screw that says 'Screwed by Wall Street'! Some of these would make great gifts!

Now I'm sure you're already intrigued and eager to read more, so go ahead and visit the "Share Good Stuffs" website.

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