The Burger Lab's Top Ten Tips for Making Better Burgers

Most of us, have our own tried and true way of making recipes, sometimes it might be how our mothers taught us, or possibly it's just the way we've always done things. "The Burger Lab's Top Ten Tips for Making Better Burgers," was definitely a good read, and I think I might change the way I do things. Different people tend to have their different burger preferences. Some like to put egg in their meat mixture for moisture or put bread crumbs in for more substance. Some people swear by adding Worcestershire sauce in their recipe as it adds so much more flavour to the burgers when they are cooked. Usually guys who like their burgers will be able to tell you how to get a good burger and they can tell you just how they do it. While its great to have some guidance, you have to find what you like the best! So play around with the different ways and try different things out until you find something you love.

With a website name like The Burger Lab, you have to know that they take making burgers very seriously! They have treated their kitchen like a laboratory, trying out different recipes and experiments on what makes the best burger, and now, they have presented us all with this great tutorial on how to make the best burger. From things like making sure that you keep everything chilled, at the perfect colder temperature, to choosing your bun and not letting anyone else tell you what to put on your burger. You have to enjoy your burger the way you like it!

The Burger Labs Top Ten Tips for Making Better Burgers, seems to be good advice and I will definitely try them out the next time I make burgers for my husband. If I've learned anything over the years, it's that simple usually is best, and by that I mean, less is often more when it comes to cooking, you don't want to add too many ingredients. First tip when you start making your burgers is to grind your own beef, something that I've never done, apparently this is very important, and big on the list. To do this you will need a meat grinder, apparently the kitchen aid bowl mixers have an attachment that can be purchased, or if you have a food processor this can work too. Next keep everything really cold, that includes the bowl, the blades you are grinding the meat with and anything else you are using.

Another important tip, and this goes back to simple is best, is season liberally with salt and pepper, fresh ground black pepper (now before you add the salt and pepper), one of the next steps is to only season meat when you are ready to put on grill, (not before as salt can dissolve the muscle proteins), so just salt and pepper before grilling. It also says not to over handle the meat, so you don't want to add herbs, onions, eggs and breadcrumbs thus overworking your burger and also your not making meat loaf.

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