The Bus Renovation Journey

Alyce has always trusted the process of life. She grew up on Phillip Island off the coast of Australia, and at the age of 14, moved to Lake Tyres when her parents divorced. She spent countless hours at travel agencies during her childhood looking at travel books and dreaming of all the places she wanted to explore. A free-spirited individual with a drive and passion to see all that existed, she knew one day she would get a chance.

A few years later at the age of 17, she met Paul. When he had come over to fix a leaky roof, they had the opportunity to discover their compatibility. Alyce's mother had recently purchased her a bus by selling some cows, and Paul had lived part of his life on one. They both had dreams to explore more of the world. It was these dreams that filled their conversation.

They soon lost touch, but Paul was eager to continue his relationship with Alyce. He found her on Facebook a few years later, and they soon began conversing about their lives and their dreams to travel. Paul asked her to join him on a trip up the east coast, and she gladly accepted.

After their time traveling, they returned so that Alyce could study Art Therapy. During this time, they spoke of renovating the bus. It was decrepit with little space and dark, dreary colors. It needed a lot of work if they were going to enjoy their travels. They were also thinking about beginning a family and raising them for sometime on the road. In order to do that, they needed something that was manageable to live in. While they knew the renovation would take effort and money, they knew it was part of their life plan.

They soon began the process of tearing out everything, redoing the roof, put in installation, taking out every panel, cutting out rust, etc. They welded a new frame, redid the panels, painted quotes to live by on their frames, and added several layers of paint. After this was all done, they put in a shower, a couch, and a table.

Today, it is complete, and they are ready to hit the road and continue trusting the process of life. See more photos and read more on their interesting journey at the 'Blue Bus Journey' website below.

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