The DIY Wooden Bicycle Project is Totally Cool

Have nothing to do this weekend? Have some wood to spare? Try your hand at building this wooden bike, if for nothing else, just for fun and to see if it intact works! The people on Instructables always seem to have the craziest things to make. I often wonder who writes the articles and how they came about finding out how to do certain things. Like this wooden bike, why in the world would you need a wooden bike? Ok maybe just to see if it can be done, maybe a wood worker with a side passion for bikes or maybe an engineer who wants to see if the principles they know to be true on how a bike works will work if it is made out of any material. Who knows why, but some one has gone to the liberty of putting it out there for us to try out on the inter web!

You will see that there are step by step instructions on the website allowing you to create your own wooden bike in no time flat. It shows you everything you need as far as materials go and exactly what measurements they will need to be. So some one has really done all the tedious guess work to make your wooden bike making project a breeze. How fun would it be if you could show up on the streets of your town riding around on a wooden bike, probably the only one of its kind in town! I am not sure how well the wood would be for a bike frame, bikes should be pretty light and wood can get pretty heavy. But in any case, if you are curious and have the time, why not try it out?

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