The Easy Way to Clean a Burnt Pan

There are so many reasons to love the internet. Recently I found another reason. There was a pretty big sporting event happening on TV, and all the guys had come over to visit my husband and his dramatic set up in our living room.

I was tasked with overseeing a few appetizers and would bring them out accordingly. The problem started when my hubby left his "famous chili" on the stove under simmer and asked me to keep an eye on it. I stirred it and just left it alone while l went to the bathroom to fix my hair. I was barely gone two mins when I could smell something "not right". When I ran back into the kitchen, I was in despair to see that the source of this smell was the chili! I quickly dumped it into another pot to salvage the remainder but it was plain to see (and smell) that some the chili had burnt right on to the pot (and was going to be difficult to remove).

I dished up the remainder and gave it to the crew of men in the TV room and gave them extra beer and shredded cheese to help disguise the smell of burnt chili. It was almost a success except my husband saw the burnt pot and chided me saying I have to fix it. I scrubbed. I scrubbed with a brush and a metal scour pad, and it was pointless. Just as my arms were aching, I turned to google.

Apparently this is a common occurrence on the internet! I tried a few remedies, and now my pot is clean and looks brand new. A simple baking soda and vinegar "chemical reaction" in the sink and then filled the pot with water and dish soap, and brought it to a boil on the stove. Warning the bubbles expand, so you want to keep an eye on the water when it is boiling. After, just pour out the residue, give it a wipe and your pot is as good as new.

If you want any helpful tricks for cleaning a burnt pan, do not hesitate to check out "Mom Foodie" and the helpful link below!

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