The Fast and Easy Way to Clean Burnt Food on the Oven

For anyone who enjoys cooking and baking you will want to see this cleaning tip for the fast and easy way to clean burnt food on the oven. Needless to say, your oven gets dirty. This is a fact of cooking and baking. There are always spillovers, splatters and residues that will happen inside your oven. This is normal, you do not stand alone with that dirty oven!

There are several oven cleaners out there. Aside from washing the oven out occasionally with soap and water, if you don't have the luxury of a self-cleaning oven, you may or may not have heard about the household cleaning tip you are about to learn about. We know that everyone wants to have a clean oven, not only so that the oven looks good to cook in, but also to remove old food as it can become a contributing factor in affecting the taste of the foods you are preparing in the future and also the hygienic factor. If you have a nasty mess, you will want to clean up as soon as you can.

The cleaning tip you are going to learn about is cleaning with the use of ammonia. Ammonia is a household cleaning tip that get the job done. This household cleaning tipis an excellent cleaning agent that is used by many people all over the world, despite the fact that it has undesirable smell.

To start this cleaning tip you will want to clean by putting some ammonia into a glass dish and then placing the glass dish into the centre of the oven. For this household cleaning tip you will want to leave the glass bowl in the oven overnight so that the ammonia will completely soak in. Be sure you cover your nose and DO NOT BREATH THIS IN. It is very strong smelling and unhealthy to breathe in. Close the oven door and leave it to sit overnight.

In the morning, you will want to open all the windows in your kitchen before you open the oven door. Then cover your nose before you open the oven door. When you do open the oven, leave the room for a few minutes as the smell is going to be powerful. This is a cleaning trick that works well. Next you will want to use some old clothes or cleaning cloths to wipe out the inside of the oven. It should not be too smelly any more, and the inside of the oven should wipe clean fairly easily. Sometimes a stubborn burn will remain and for these you will need to scrape them off.

Overall this is a very good household cleaning trick for cleaning the oven. One extremely important thing that you must remember in using ammonia for cleaning tips. Never mix the ammonia with any type of household cleaning product that contains bleach as the combination of the two will create a deadly gas.

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