The Fastest and Smartest Way to Soften Refrigerated Butter

Butter is one of those food items we tend to use in a lot of recipes, many of those recipes call for softened butter though... so what if you Forgot to Take the Butter Out of the Fridge? Soften it in a Flash with This Tip! It has happened to all of us, you want to spontaneously bake a cookie recipe and your butter is ice cold from the fridge, but your recipe specifically says to make sure you have room temperature softened butter. When baking recipes specify this, it is usually because the consistency of the batter or dough you are making depends on the butter being soft. When you use hard, cold butter in a recipe that calls for room temperature or softened butter, you will find out very quickly that this dough is going to be a clumpy mess. If you would like to avoid that, then this cooking tip is perfect for you to learn more about!

Butter is one of those food staples that most people can't live without. Even though it has a high fat content, when butter is used in a minimal amount, it can be quite healthy for the body, giving us the fats we need to survive. Sometimes people think that because butter is all fat it is just plain bad for us, but this is not true. Manufactured butter type spreads are actually much worse for use because of all the chemicals in it. These butter type spreads are filled with saturated fats and made with artificial flavours and colouring to make it look like butter and taste like butter without all of the fat that butter has. But the fat is not the issue when it is coming from real food. Of course, too much of anything will be harmful to the body, so eat mindfully as always. The type of butter you purchase and use in your cooking and recipes is also important. Make sure you look for grass fed cow butter or you can use ghee, which is clarified grass fed cow butter that basically cooks all of the hard to digest parts of the butter out. And try and get organic whenever possible of course.

So how do you actually go about softening that hardened butter anyhow? Well the One Pot Chef on YouTube shows us how! The One Pot Chef recommends taking a glass and warming it up. The glass he uses for this kitchen tip demonstration is quite a small glass which might make this go quicker. You basically put the amount of butter that you need to use in your recipe on a plate, and then take a glass and let hot water sit in it for a short time then pour the water out and dry it and set it over the butter. The glass works to seal in the heat and the butter softens instead of melts like it would if you were to put it in the microwave or a pot or double boiler. All you have to do is check your butter every few minutes to see if it is the desired softness and then use it! You can see in the cooking tip video that his butter knife slides nicely through the butter with ease making it perfect for spreading on toast or bread or for adding to any recipe you are creating. You can check out many more of the recipes that The One Pot Chef has over on YouTube. He has many great recipes that you will enjoy like a crock pot potato recipe, dessert recipes that look amazing, slow cooker chicken recipe, breakfast recipes, home made tortilla chip recipes and so much more. So make sure you watch some of his great videos and you will want to check back regularly for new videos as well! Happy cooking!

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