The Grinch Christmas Treats

What would Christmas time be without the famous Grinch making an appearance? These Grinch Christmas treats will help you get into the Christmas spirit while paying tribute to one of your most beloved Christmas characters. The Grinch was created by the amazing Dr. Seuss as one of his many characters he created for books and cartoons. The Grinch was the lead character in the movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas a book which came out in 1957. Then, in 1966, the cartoon movie adaptation of the book was aired on TV as a Christmas feature. The TV movie also incorporated songs that are now a part of many Christmas playlists you hear throughout the season. The name, Grinch is based on the French word, grincheux, which means grumpy or greedy.

The Grinch as a character is both of these things. He detests Christmas and he is antisocial as well as greedy, taking all of the Christmas presents and decorations away from all of the people in the town of Whoville thinking that it will drain them all of their cheery Christmas spirits. To his dismay, the Who's of Whoville still have the Christmas spirit within them and still gather the positivity to come together and celebrate the essence of being together for Christmas, regardless of presents or decorations. By the end of the movie or book, the Grinch finds his heart opens and he is able to find some connection with Christmas after all. It's a very touching story to get into the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas. That it has nothing to do with presents or food, but it's about being together with those you love the most and sharing each other's company. In more recent years, in 2000, to be exact, the movie was recreated into another movie simply titled The Grinch, starting Jim Carrey as the lead role of the Grinch. So, if you have a Christmas tradition of watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or The Grinch, or reading the book at that time of year, you'll certainly appreciate these awesome Grinch themed dessert recipes. Some of these could be easy quick desserts for kids to make, or at least help make, and they are fun desserts that will bring a smile to anyone's face, even the Grinch himself.

These fun desserts would be perfect for any Christmas party, or maybe a Grinch themed Christmas party where you invite friends over to watch the movies, either one or maybe even both, and feast on some of the delicious treats you find on Living Locurto. Amy Locurto is the author of the Living Locurto food blog, and she has put together some truly amazing recipes from other awesome food bloggers. She features everything from Grinch Cupcakes to Grinch popcorn that is dyed green with red M&Ms in it, as well as a healthier option of Grinch themed fruit kabobs. For adults, there is a special Grinch cocktail that's bright green with a candy cane on the side. There's even some salty Grinch snacks too. If you love the Grinch, you'll definitely love these treats. So if you're looking for easy quick desserts for kids to make or just some fun desserts to add to the holiday spread, you must check these ideas out. Thank you to Amy for compiling this list of awesome dessert recipes for us to try out. Make sure you check out more of Amy's great recipes from her own website Living Locurto, where she features more dessert recipes, some fun appetizers, main dishes, breakfast meals, party ideas and so much more.***

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