The Homesteader with His Sexed up Homey Cozy Look

It can be rare to find unique wood cabins for sale, but check out the Homesteader with a very homey and cozy look. This is one of three small wood cabins built by the same cabin builders that has come up for sale. The home's construction began in 2010, and was completed in 2012 by Texas Tiny House. The traditional, wood cabin style is something to be admired, and even if you aren't interested in purchasing it, it's very inspiring to look at and imagine what it would be like to live in a quaint small house design like this one. When we're thinking back to what wood cabins must have been like in the past when they were built by settlers and homesteaders, this is the style that may come to mind. Even though it's on the small size, it's very cozy and warm feeling, with all of the warm, rich wood on the walls and the floors it all really adds to the ambiance of the interior space. The high ceilings offer the illusion of more space, since it creates more head room above. The smaller sized windows are distributed perfectly throughout the space allowing in quite a bit of natural light, and showcasing the views of the surrounding landscapes. Smaller windows are a great idea for heating purposes as well, since smaller windows mean less openings for the heat in the home to escape through.

One of the most notable features of the home is the quilted wooden walls throughout the home. These special walls throughout the space include recycled and repurposed wood that is combined together on a few walls in the home to create a work of art. In fact, many of the materials used for this home building project were salvaged materials, which is becoming more and more popular when it comes to building. Home and cabin builders are interested in finding more affordable ways to build houses and using old materials is a great solution. Instead of perfectly usable materials going in the landfill, they are instead used to create homes that people can live in and enjoy. The small house design also means that less building materials are needed overall, which makes it easier to find all of the necessary materials to use. While it gives a very rustic look, it's also a very charming style, and with some furniture and decor, it could be very stylish. The bathroom is beautifully done as well. A fully tiled shower area is the central focus of the room, with a broken tile mosaic floor, and beautiful ceramic tile walls. The backsplash in the kitchen is also made out of a mosaic of smashed tiles which adds even more artistic essence to the house. The cabin builders even included a nice little front porch on the home too, perfect for enjoying mornings outside.

The home costs $97,500 but it also needs to be moved to a piece of vacant land, which would be up to the buyer. Located in McKinney, Texas, it could be wonderful for a person living close by to purchase and enjoy. Wouldn't this sweet little home look cute out on a ranch, or out in the forest somewhere surrounded by trees? It could also make for a very lovely guest house on a ranch property for people who want to rent out a space for others to enjoy during a vacation. If you are inspired by salvage construction and small house design, this is definitely a project that will catch your eye. Enjoy looking at the many pictures of the interior and exterior of the home and check out some of the other great projects on Pure Salvage Living's website.***

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