The Horse-Loving Family Converted an Old Barn into a Magnificent Home, Check This Out!

This custom built barn home was created by a horse loving family where they could work and live together with their beloved horses. On the ground level, the Butler family has a built in barn with the living quarters upstairs. Owner Cathy Butler says since there wasn't a barn on the property that was worth making over, she decided on building a barn of her own. You are sure to fall in love with the design of this modern barn and barn style house. There are so many details in this barn style house that make it unique from the classic red of the exterior to the lean-tos on either side of the house, perfect for entertaining. Inside there is the stone fireplace that is the center of the open living space. The use of lots of post and beams throughout this build only add to the overall character of this beautiful and modern barn. You will want to take a look at the office inside this barn style house; the room uses lots of reclaimed wood for a rustic look that fits the cowboy theme of the decor. With details like antler chandeliers and lots of wood, this barn style house is beautifully done. But if the living quarters weren't enough, wait till you see the horse stables on the main floor, imagine living with your horses only steps away.

A big part of the appeal of this modern barn is in the post and beams that you see throughout the build. When it comes to barns turned into houses and barn home conversions you will hear plenty of post and beam and timber frames. Both the timber frame and post and beam styles of builds are considered to be one and the same, but they are however a bit different. The timber framing method of building involves the intricate cutting of joints so to hold the timbers together. The timber style of framing is both complicated and beautiful and uses techniques that have been around for thousands of years. Whereas the post and beam method of framing is a bit more simple and is an older method of framing. The post and beam method of framing has the supporting joists and rafters being notched into the timber beams. Stonehenge is an excellent example of post and beam construction that uses stone instead of timber.

One thing that differentiates barns apart from other types of building methods is the use of the exposed beams throughout their building design. The exposed posts and beams in a barn style house is a large part of their appeal. Another thing that people love about barn style houses is their open interior spaces; this makes modern barns great homes for entertaining and having guests over. The classic designs of barn builds have appeared all over the country for hundreds of years and are full of history and beauty. With that said it seems that barn style houses and barn home conversions are becoming a more and more popular style of build that people can't resist. With this newfound popularity its exciting to see some of the new barn styles and designs that are being built. The use of natural materials like wood reclaimed wood and stone only add to the appeal of these traditional designs and builds making barn style homes a style of home that is here to stay.

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