The Incredible 'Stone Nudes'

Rock climbing is a daring sport, but some people would even take it to the next level by doing it naked. That’s right! They are known for their death-defying act and were dubbed as “Stone Nudes” because they are literally climbing those scary rocks without any clothes or even climbing shoes on. We must say that "daring" is just an understatement for this kind of rock climbing. Their boldness to show their passion for this sport has made their story go viral. And by boldness, they mean it literally. With just their fingertips to claw their way to the top of those rocks, you can agree with us that their act has gone beyond extreme.

A lot of people would already say that climbing without ropes, and other safety gadgets would be by far the scariest thing to do, but the participants of this act beg to differ. Not wearing any clothes at all aside from not having all those climbing gears is apparently their thing, and it would leave anyone breathless. According to those who have tried it, they could say that it represents the real essence of the climbing spirit. It sure takes a lot of guts to pull off all of that being naked.

It is now becoming one of the most popular hobbies under the category of extreme sports in the US and it's looking like the United Kingdom is just about to follow their footsteps. Not just sports enthusiasts have embraced this activity, but even photographers couldn't help but be intrigued by this whole daring act. In fact, the whole concept for the “Stone Nudes” came from Dean Fidelman, who is a photographer and also a rock climber based in California.

According to Fidelman, this sport is at its purest form since this kind of climbing was discovered. It is bound to inspire and celebrate the human form.