The Incredibly Easy Way to Take Stubborn Grease Off Your Stove!

It doesn't take long for that new stove and microwave of your's to start looking old, from all the build up dirt and grime of all those amazing dinners you've cooked on it. This simple to do tutorial on "How To Take Off Years Of Grease On Stove And Microwave" will have your kitchen appliances feeling like new again, and you will feel happy too.

For the creator of this website she mentions that she made the mistake of buying all black appliances her and her husband moved into their house. At the time she didn't realize just how much the grease would show up. It looks horrible and nearly impossible to get clean. In the past her stove has remained only touched by dish soap, which should cut through the grease. But over the years, the grease has continually gunked itself onto the range top, particularly bad in one spot. It is looking like there is about five years worth of grease caked on the stove. She scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and nothing would take it off, until now. While she was doing laundry the other day the back of a box caught her eye, it said it would clean almost anything in the kitchen. She figured she would give it a try, what could it hurt? While she used this magic ingredient and she is so impressed, she just grabbed a dish rag, wet it and poured some baking soda on it. Yep, that's it some baking soda and water! Imagine the money you could save by using this simple and affordable cleaning and baking aid.

She then took her rag and started rubbing on the dirty spots all over the stove and the grease was coming off like you wouldn't believe without scratching. It really was a sight to behold, there is just something about seeing our appliances look clean again that makes us happy. Her stove hasn't looked this nice since the first time she used it. You can see on the one side where all the gunk still is and the other side where it's nice and shiny (minus the knobs). The couple also has a yellow lab yellow labs, so the stove also had dog hair stuck on with grease, it was horribly disgusting. While scrubbing she noticed that if she stopped working or she was scrubbing harder than before to try to get rid of a spot, she just had to pour on some more baking soda and star up again. The fresh baking soda does wonders for cutting through the tough grease. Since the baking soda worked so great on her stove she thought she would give it a try on her microwave and it worked like magic.

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You can make a paste from baking soda that can also be very effective when used in cleaning and scrubbing. For cleaning aluminium objects, baking soda is discouraged as it attacks the thin unreactive protective oxide layer of this otherwise very reactive metal. A solution in warm water will remove the tarnish from silver when the silver is in contact with a piece of aluminium foil.

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