The Interior of This Awesome Log Cabin Is Surprisingly Bright and Spacious

Entering into the world of log home building can seem kind of intimidating at first. There are so many aspects of the design and building process to consider and learn about, and even choosing a design can seem pretty overwhelming. So if you're building your own log house or having one built for you, you're going to want to learn about log houses and the entire building process. First of all, you're going to want to learn about the two methods of log house construction. There are handcrafted log houses or manufactured log houses. Handcrafted log houses are traditionally built log houses that have been build using hands-on methods rather than the machines that are used in manufactured log home building. The handcrafted techniques of hand hewing and scribing the logs will result in each log having a unique look. The overall look of the log home is quite rustic and very natural which is what many people love. With manufactured log houses, the logs are shaped using machines like a lathe that moulds them into a uniform size and shape. This gives the manufactured log houses a more modern, clean look that is desired by people who like a more contemporary style of home.

The handcrafted log houses use the Scandinavian scribe method. The logs are shaped to stack perfectly on one another by scribing the bottom of the logs so that they fit right on top of the log underneath it. The log home builder will use a scribing tool that allows them to follow the contour of the bottom log while creating a mark on the top log. Then, they cut out the wood up to the mark using a chainsaw, and the corners of the logs are also notched to create the joinery of the home. The joinery is what creates a lot of the structural stability of the home, and it can be done in various styles like the dovetail style or the Swedish cope style. As you can imagine handcrafting a log house takes a lot of skill and a lot of time to build. Manufactured log houses can be built faster because using the machines instead cuts out a lot of the labour needed to shape the logs. It also makes it easier for them to replicate and make log home kits which makes them even more affordable. It also makes them easier to construct meaning that people can purchase the log home building kits and build their own log houses or cabins.

This is one of the log house designs from Southland Log Homes, a building company with locations in most of the eastern states. Southland Log Homes is one of the largest designers and manufacturers of log houses in the US. If you choose to go with Southland Log Homes, you'll be able to choose a design from a bunch of different log house designs in their collection. They have everything from summer cabins to luxury log homes. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, you can customize a design for no extra charge. The log home design you see here is the Wateree log house. This is a gorgeous design with a lot to offer, and it would be a great family home. The home includes 1,397 square feet of space with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The home is 42 feet wide by 38 feet deep, and there is only one floor to the home. Outside, the design is very impressive yet simple, and both the exterior and interior have so many great features. Check out the photos and see for yourself.***

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