The Internet is freaking out over this giant Brahma chicken

You won't believe your eyes when you see this big chicken video. The chicken in this internet video is like no other chicken you've seen before. The large chicken peaks out of the chicken coop and once outside walks around like he owns the place. There are all sorts of comments underneath the video with some people thinking the video is fake, to people thinking someone dressed up in a chicken suit. People are talking about this chicken and don't quite know what to make of it. The chicken is however not fake. The rooster in question has all of the characteristics and look of a Brahma chicken, which is a large breed of chicken cultivated in the United States. There was a time at the turn of the 20th century that these chickens were the most in-demand meat breed in the country. According to the Livestock Conservancy, some of these chickens weighed up to 18 or more pounds. See, that was our biggest mistake. This Brahma chicken is a site to see; you will want to take a look at the short video.

The Brahma chicken is a large chicken breed that was originally developed in the United States from very large birds that were imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai. The Brahma chicken was the principal meat breed in the United States from the 1850s to about 1930. There has been quite a bit of controversy over the origin of the Brahma. It appears to have been developed in the United States from birds that were imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai, which were known as Shanghai birds. And with limited cross-breeding with Chittagong chickens from what is now called Bangladesh is likely what gave the Brahma chickens their distinctive characteristics of head shape and the pea comb that distinguish it from the Cochin bird. The Cochin is another bird breed that derives from the Shanghai birds. Brahma chickens were first exported to England in December 1852, when George Burnham sent nine Gray Shanghaes to Queen Victoria as a gift. The Dark Brahma variety of chickens was developed by English breeders from this stock, and then later re-exported to the United States. The Light and the Dark Brahma chickens were included in the first edition of the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1874, and the Buff variant was added in about 1924 or 1929.

The American Standard of Perfection recognizes three different Brahma varieties of chickens to include light, dark, and buff chickens. The light Brahma chicken has a base color of white, with black hackles edged in white feathers and a black tail. The cock's saddle feathers in a light Brahma are striped with black. The dark Brahma has the most notable difference between cock and hen. The hen has a dark gray and black penciled coloration with the same hackle as the light feathers whereas the cock has black and white hackles and saddle feathers, and a black base and tail. The Brahma chicken is a large, stately bird. When standing, the Brahma chicken should almost appear to form a V and should stand quite tall. With the male Brahma chickens standing taller than females. Their feet should be strong, with feathers extending all the way down the middle toe, and plumage that should be held more tightly than in the Cochin.

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