The Magic Way to Clean Your Oven with This Little Pot...

When you are on a budget you have to sacrifice a few things, but a clean and sanitary home isn't one of them. With a few household items, you can make some wonderful cleaners and sanitizers without breaking the bank. To get started, the first things you need are: Baking Soda, Lemon and Vinegar. For some extra power you can use Tea tree oil and Salt. A simple combo of water and vinegar in a spray bottle is great for all surfaces, even floors and counters. Lemons are good for scrubbing and can be used to clean bathrooms, and microwaves, and lemons have a nice aroma after. Tea tree oil is a great antiseptic and only a few drops are needed when you add it to your cleaning solution. You can use vinegar in the bathrooms and floors and showers, as it removes grime and the best thing is you don't need gloves or have to worry about chemicals coming into contact with your skin.

For anyone who has kids or dog, sometimes accidents can happen, and by accidents I mean a vomiting accident. There really is nothing worse when it comes to cleaning. But with this easy trick you can easily vacuum up the smelly accident, by combining baking soda and water into a paste and spreading it over the vomit. Let it sit overnight and vacuum it up in the morning.

We love lemons in our food and recipes, from lemon juice to lemon meringue pie, there is something refreshing whenever you use it. The good news is that lemon juice may also be used for cleaning. A halved lemon dipped in salt or baking powder is used to brighten copper cookware, the acid dissolves the tarnish and the abrasives assist the cleaning. You can even add a used lemon to the dishwasher (just skewer it onto one of the plate racks inside the dishwasher), and run your dishwasher load as you normally would, you will notice just how spotless and clean your dishes can be. The lemon acts as a rinse aid. It's a great way to get double use out of your lemons, and another way to save money on expensive rinse aids, don't forget it's natural and non toxic.

Every once in a while, you come across a mess that is a little too big, and you may need a few more ingredients. After many uses, the grime baked on the oven, can require a lot of elbow grease to remove. A simple solution was found that when you leave a small bowl of ammonia in the oven overnight (turned off), in the morning the grime is so easy to remove and once wiped down your oven will be sparkling clean.Use lemons when cleaning as they can be used for scrubbing stainless steel sinks and even scrubbing bathtubs to remove the rings. Then, once the lemons are used, cut them up and put them in a small bowl of water in the microwave. Microwave the combination for 4-5 minutes and the lemon water mixture will steam off any grime coating the microwave while perfuming the air with a nice aromatic scent.

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