The Mason Jar Blender Trick: Do You Know About This?

If you haven't already seen this, you will want to take a look at "The Mason Jar Blender Trick: Do You Know About This?" This kitchen tip is life changing! Did you know that a standard mason jar can be used in place of the pitcher on most blenders? If you unscrew the base from your blender pitcher, you'll see that the blender blade fits perfectly onto a standard not a wide mouth, mason jar and the base screws on to hold it securely.

Just fit a mason jar onto your blender and blend away. There's so much to love about this easy mason jar blender trick. For example if you're blending a smoothie, you can blend your smoothie and drink it irectly from the mason jar or put on a lid and take it on the go with you. This mason jar blender trick is especially great for when you are blending small amounts. It's also a great idea for sauces, dips and pestos. It's also a great idea if are making a few smoothie kits in jars and keeping them in the refrigerator for quick blending in the morning. You can also use this mason jar trick for blending spices or nuts and even for storing them in the jar after blending. It basically turns your blender into a DIY Magic Bullet without you having to go out and buy one, and saves you from doing a few dishes. It really is a win win situation.

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