The Miracle Avocado Cuber

When we make salads, we always include avocado in it. And take note people, I make delicious salads. I do. *insert arrogant laugh here* Anyways, I have no problems when it comes to slicing. Except for avocadoes. Avocadoes are giving me a heartache every time I see my finished product. All other salad items are perfectly sliced; the avocado only seem to, well, have it's own world. Perhaps you can relate to what I mean. I cannot find the perfect way to slice them! But this avocado-cutting won’t be a problem anymore once we meet this avocado cuber. Come with me guys! Let’s get to know this amazing tool.

An avocado cuber is a kitchen tool used for cutting avocado. They can cut avocadoes uniformly for your salads, soups and other dishes. They can also prepare avocadoes for guacamole. According to Williams-Sonoma website, avocado cuber can scoop and cut avocadoes neatly and swiftly. It also reduces waste by utilizing all avocado flesh. This tool is very easy to use. Just press, twist, and lift to create perfect cubes. *winks* Avocado cuber is dishwasher safe. “I’m going to buy this one! How much is it?” It’s only $17.95, pal! You can order at Williams-Sonoma website.

Do you want to know what others think about avocado cuber? Here’s one review I got from William-Sonoma’s website posted on July 10, 2012. Reviewer RacheIT says, “This is one of the best little gadgets we have ever bought, and it's amazingly useful. Cutting an avocado may be not rocket science, but it's definitely not easy. This takes seconds and it's perfect every time. We get every big of the avocado, no waste, and no possibility of cutting my hand. Great buy!”

Last thought is from ItalianCoffeeLover on April 6, 2013. The reviewer says, “Got this on a recent trip to the States and it lives up to the hype. Push, twist, lift, tap it out and you're done. You not only have lovely chunks of avocado for salads or guacamole, but it also scrapes away all the flesh from the shell. And it's faster and less messy than using a knife or my previous slicer as you can palm the shell and work the utensil without ever having to touch the flesh. Clean up is a breeze as well compared to my previous slicer because the shape and spacing between the wires makes it easy to get a sponge or brush around them. I'm actually having so much fun using this tool I'm trying to find new excuses/recipes that need avocado!”

Now, what do you say? “The two reviewers have greatly convinced me to buy this one. Tell me how to get one, please!” Sure! Just click on “Williams-Sonoma” website below and order! Have fun with your new avocado cuber! *winks*

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