The Most Awesome Mind Blowing Kitchen Tips You Had No Idea Existed

Kitchen life can be tough sometimes from preparation to cleaning. Now to ease these out, these ‘kitchen hacks’ will do the trick! Once you tried them you’ll be amazed!

Let’s get started by removing awful smells. Chopping onions and garlic will leave a stinky smell; rubbing your hands on stainless or fresh coffee beans this will undo the smell. Spice from chopping chili peppers will irritate the skin and this can be avoided by rubbing vegetable oil on your hands. Charcoals are good in removing fridge and freezer odors. Put a pinch of salt in empty airtight containers before storing to keep them from getting stinky.

Now, who wants to throw away accidentally burned gravy or rice? Not me. Just by transferring burned gravy to a clean pan and gradually adding sugar will eradicate the burned taste. For burned rice, put a piece white bread on top of it to get rid of the burned flavor. Dropping a peeled potato on an over-salted soup will lessen the saltiness.

We want fresh foods so keep these hacks in mind. Keep away citrus fruits or tomatoes from the fridge to preserve its aroma and flavor. Putting crumpled tissue paper at the bottom of the cookie jar will keep your cookies fresh. Add a piece of fresh celery in the bread bag that started to stale to restore the taste and texture. Mix in some apple in the potato bag to keep them from budding. Always separate bananas from other fruits to prevent them from ripening fast. Putting eggs in water will determine its freshness. Fresh eggs will totally sink in water, if one end shows up it’s less fresh and if it floats, it’s beyond the fresh stage. To prevent salt from clumping up, mix in few grains of rice and for brown sugar just put a slice of apple in the bag.

When it comes to cleaning these tricks will make it effortless! Remove calcium build up on kettles by boiling a mixture of half vinegar and half water in it. Crevices, vases or pitchers can be cleaned by filling them with water and 2 tablets of Alka-Seltzer. Use baking soda to clean stove tops and sinks. To clean cast iron cook wear, scrub it with salt and a clean, dry paper towel. Rubbing fresh, peeled potato on your hand gets rid of fruit stains.

These kitchen hacks will be your first aid in case of accidents. If you burn your finger apply the gel from aloe vera leaf. For fresh bruise, apply a cotton ball soaked in vinegar to reduce darkening. Remove splinters by soaking your finger in milk with a piece of bread. Sometimes, an upset tummy can be relieved by drinking cola. Drinking cranberry juice will help ward off urinary tract infections.

Great! Without a doubt these ‘kitchen hacks’ are very helpful! Let’s share them with everyone.

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