The Most Creative And Fun Breakfast

Rise and shine - its a new day! I love mornings and I love more than anything waking up my two beautiful little girls and helping them get ready for their day. I've learned over the years that because how we begin our day has a huge impact on how the rest of our day will be, I try to do my very best to make sure Emma and Sarah are happy, feel wonderful, and of course are fed a healthy and hearty breakfast. Now this all being said, as I am sure all of you other parents out there know how feeding your kids can sometimes be quite a challenge. It can be the silliest thing, like missing a color on the plate, a off balanced piece of fruit, or that their toast isn’t cut in the exact same way as yesterday – in perfectly symmetrical triangles; children, especially toddlers I find, are the biggest critiques when being served. They’re absolutely ruthless. Haha.

As we all know, we eat with our eyes. Presentation is so important – just think how particular we, as adults, are when we go to a restaurant and look down at the plate which has been served before us. What makes us forget that children are the exactly same way? They too want to be enticed and excited about what they are about put in their mouths. And it works! Presenting foods in a fun and creative manner always catches their attention. And what I’ve noticed time and time again is how I can try to experiment with new ingredients and see whether they will go for it. The culinary art of disguise. This whole idea of preparing and presenting kid-meals in a fun, artistic, and creative way is really becoming quite the trend. It’s amazing when you go online and google some things. Whether it is Japanese bento boxes or kids birthday party canapés, specialty cupcakes and cookies, not only are businesses becoming more artful but stay-at-home-Moms are starting to blog about it too. Its wonderful.

I like to make sure the girls get certain foods in them at the start of the day. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But how do you take those breakfast ingredients and make them fun? And more importantly prepare everything in a relatively fast manner? I found this site with some great examples and I have since made it our home-ritual to have a fun and decorated breakfast at least twice a week. It gets them excited and I know they love talking about it at school - they were very proud of their lady-bug mini smoked salmon with cream cheese brunch toasts! Next week we're going to make something fun with eggs!

The ideas on this site for the most creative and fun breakfast are absolutely great. It's easy to forget to try unique ideas like this, and the kids just love them. It makes them want to eat their food even more, so you can definitely throw in a few more veggies into the mix. You really have to take a look at the photos to get a better idea of how they put everything together, but with a few mindful cuts with the knife, and some careful arranging you can have all sorts of unique animal designs right on the plate. So fun!

Cutting a bun into shapes forms the head of a girl, then Nutella spread colors in her hair. A strawberry is cut to look like a bow in the girls hair. Cream cheese is used to whiten her face, with grapes as the caps of her sleeves, and grapes for the body of her dress. A pear acts as the puffed out bottom of her dress. The cut in half apple represents the apple that Snow White eats. Yes, this cute and creative breakfast idea is Snow White. This is one the kids will absolutely love. You can't help but want to make these creations too.

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