The Most Expensive Horses in the World

If you are a horse lover you will likely have watched all the great horse movies that have been made. Have you ever wondered about the The Most Expensive Horses in the World? You may have wondered what some of the most expensive horses in the world are valued at.

While horses like Secretariat and Man o’ War may be a couple of the most famous horses ever, they are far from the most expensive. Movie lovers are familiar with horse films like National Velvet, Black Beauty, and The Black Stallion. There are other great horse movies about taming wild horses like the horse movies Flicka and The Horse Whisperer. There have also been horse movies about famous horses, like Seabiscuit, Phar Lap and Shergar. We are lucky to get to experience some of these amazing stories about these beautiful horses.

Then there are the racing horses that have also become celebrities in their own right. Horses like Phar Lap and Seabiscuit, and other popular racing horses like Citation, Red Rum, Secretariat, John Hentry ,Seattle Slew, and Desert Orchid. And not to forget the horses Man o’ War, a horse that was so famous that he held his own during the roaring 20s when names like Babe Ruth, Bobby Hones, Jack Dempsey, Knute Rockne and the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame ruled the sporting world. While Secretariat and Man o’ War may be the most famous horses you've ever heard of, they aren't worth the most. This list has 10 of the most expensive horses in the world.

For starters the hors Shareef Dancer was worth a staggering $40 million! Shareef Dancer was an American-bred thoroughbred horse. The famous horse was stabled in the Godolphin Stables of Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in England. The horses' impressive line included Northern Dancer and Sweet Alliance. Shareef Dancer was entered into a race five times, winning three times and then placing second once.The horses' most impressive wins were in the Irish Derby Stakes and the King Edward VII Stakes, both in held in 1983.The horse was also declared as the UK Middle Distance Horse of 1983. He is the damsire of Dubai Millennium.

Second in the list of most expensive horses in the world is the Annihilator, valued at $19 million. The Annihilator came from the line of Niatross,who was the winner of the Little Brown Jug and the Meadowlands Pace in 1980, and Wish Me Wings. The Annihilator was considered to be a very athletic horse that had a lot of pace, which a lot of racehorse owners greatly value. The horse also made for a very good show horse because it had a beautiful dark chocolate mane.

Sixth on the list of the world's most expensive horses was Pine Chip. Pine Chip was valued at $4 million. Pine Chip was also an award winning horse, who at the age of three, won a number of competitions. The competitions that the horse won were the Historic Dickerson cup, the Stanley Dancer Trot, the Colonial Trot, Kentucky Futurity, the American National, Transylvania Trot, the Matron Stakes Final, World Trotting Derby and the Breeder’s Crown. That's quite a year! The following year, the horse retained the Breeder’s Crown while annexing the Nat Ray Trot title as well.

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