The Most Surprising SuperFoods

Wouldn't it be awesome if every food was really good for us? Unfortunately, some foods are worse for us than others, but here are The Most Surprising SuperFoods you might be shocked to know are actually good for you when you may have ready that they are not so good for you. There are so many different foods out there and so many people telling us which foods we should eat and which we should stay away from. There are articles in magazines, there are advertisements on tv, there are people on social media, all trying to tell us to eat this and don't eat that. But how do you know what is really good and bad for you? What makes one thing a super food and others not?

Generally, anything that is a plant based food, that comes from the earth, will be a super food. Plant based foods have so many nutrients in them and vitamins and minerals making them super foods because they give you all of the health benefits you need and more! Things like fruits and vegetables are obviously super foods because they all have so many good for you nutrients and are super nutrient dense. Other things like nuts, which are mentioned in this article, are also super foods because they are super nutrient dense and packed with protein to give you sustained energy.

The actual term superfood is really just used for marketing. The Oxford Dictionary's definition states that a superfood is a nutrient rich food that is considered to be especially beneficial for health and well being . The most popular items on the superfood list contain common food choices whose nutritional value has been long recognized as exceptional. Popular examples of superfoods include berries, nuts and seeds, dark green vegetables (such as spinach, kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and broccoli), citrus fruits, fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines, vegetables with bright, dark, or intense colors (such as beets and their greens and sweet potatoes), legumes (such as peanuts, lentils, beans) and whole grains.

Dairy products like yogurt are awesome for your digestive system, as long as you aren't intolerant to them, and they provide us with good fats we need to keep ourselves healthy. There are some grains like quinoa, that are super foods too, because they have such a high fibre content and also protein content. Whenever a food has a lot of health benefits, people have decided to call it a superfood. But don't think that just because it is a superfood, all of the other fruits, vegetables, and other things are not. It is basically someone else's ideas of what a superfood is. So you can also see what suits your body the best, maybe bananas are one of your super foods! Maybe peanut butter is one of you super foods. It depends on the person and their unique system.

Things that aren't super foods would be anything that doesn't have life force in it, like pre packaged foods with loads of preservatives in them. Things with lots of sugar are not super foods because they are actually not healthy for you. So check out this list and see if any of these were things you knew were good for you or if they surprise you!

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