The NO-SCRUB Way of Cleaning Those Nasty Stove Burners!

All of that burned on residue left on your stove burner drip pans has to be one of the hardest cleaning jobs in your home and kitchen. We have all been there, when we are trying to clean our stove and our oven. The burner pans are the worst, especially if they are not cleaned regularly. It can be quite the mess after weeks of foods melting into the pans and ending up dripping in there and burning. We all know the mess they can get to be!

Our family loves to cook, so you can probably imagine the state of our burner pans. I have honestly tried all sorts of cleaning tricks and chemicals, as well as different scrubbing materials like Steel wool and Brillo pads as well as the harsh chemical cleaners - it is a really grimy job. I got very tired of the chemical scent and the effects on my hands, and skin, knowing that it would be going into my body through my skin so I went online to look for alternatives. I think I have tried a dozen different ways to clean these things and then I came upon this great tutorial! If you appreciate having things in your home clean but hates using all of those harmful chemicals then, you will be interested in this tutorial.

Natural methods usually use a paste made from baking soda to slowly grind away the dark, leftover residue. But, when that didn't work very well, I tried out a natural paste and used the steel wool pads, and I also asked my husband to help out. I also used some dish soap, which claims to get through all of the greases, but it wasn't powerful enough to get off the stubborn, crusted, burnt on pieces of food. So then next, I used plain white distilled vinegar and tried to dissolve the hardened burnt on food. I let them sit in the vinegar for an hour, or you can even let it sit for longer if you have the time - overnight would be ideal. I seriously almost gave up on these burner pans, and I even tried some razor blade scrapers. But a word of advice for those, you want to be cautious making sure that you use them flat against the surface, so they just scrape off the grime and not your stove top.

When I finished with the scrubbing, I still had nasty looking burners. But, I then finally found this great article that helped me so much. When I first read about it, I will admit to being skeptical, because it just looked too easy to be true. But then, I followed the very good and detailed instructions, and even was able to watch a movie, when before I would have spent all of that time and energy scraping them and furiously scrubbing them. That night, I went to sleep, expecting to have to go back to my normal ways of scrubbing and scraping if this "too good be true" experiment and tutorial didn't work. You can probably imagine that to my surprise when I checked in bags that the morning the stove burners miraculously looked BRAND SPANKING NEW! Can you believe it? I sure couldn't, I will tell you that much. This method made it so simple, then how I tried to do it before, and it was very effective. So effective that I will NEVER scrub or scrape my stove burners ever again. You can also save a lot of time and effort, plus the exposure of you and your family to chemicals if you just do this very simple method that totally works wonders on your nasty stove burners. Find out how, at the 'One Good Thing by Jillee' website. Happy cleaning!

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