The No-scrub Way To Clean Your Stove Burners

Stove burners are expected to have some stains and greases from everyday use. It does not matter how careful a cook you are there will always be splatters that form on the burners and grates.

You likely have tried soaking them in hot soapy water in the sink and scrubbing them. This method can be successful in cleaning but not always. It is time-consuming and somewhat frustrating getting the desired result.

There is an easier way that requires a lot less of your energy and time.

Ammonia is the secret ingredient. Ammonia is a chemical compound consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen that forms a very strong smelling liquid or gas. Likely, your grandmother had ammonia in her home but these days we tend to stay away from this toxic substance. Ammonia is part of many common window cleaners in a diluted state.

Ammonia is a superb cleaner and when used correctly is the solution to cleaning those disgusting burners.

You do not want to breath this in, so hold your breath when doing this.

It is the fumes from the ammonia that will cut the residue, not the scrubbing process.

Just place the stove burner into a ziploc bag. Place onto a baking sheet. Pour 1/4 cup of ammonia into the bag and seal it. Place the cookie sheet outside someplace so there is no chance of breathing the fumes from the ammonia. You can even do the entire process outside if you like. Leave overnight. The fumes will dissolve all the grease and hardened oil from the burner. Remove the burner and just wipe clean with a sponge.

And that is it! The results will amaze you. Give this a try, save time, frustration and energy scrubbing. Do be very careful with the ammonia and NEVER mix ammonia with bleach. The two combined are very toxic. Store your ammonia, well out of reach of children.

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