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The film 'Alien' is undoubtedly one of the most popular films in history especially that the movie boasted of a pretty distinctive imagery of the famous extraterrestrial lifeforms paired with numerous and differently amazing visual effects. The explosive alien theme was of the works of Hans Rudolf Giger, most commonly known as H.R. Giger, a swiss artist who revolutionized countless alien illustrations through his paintings and media artworks.

H.R Giger currently passed away at a Zurich hospital due to sustained injuries from a fall.

Aside from being a Science-Fiction surrealist, Giger has also been hailed in other artistic fields such as Painting, Sculpting, and Set designing. The art genius was significantly famous with his depictions of biochemical products stemming from his painting of human subjects and alien monsters in an innovative, nightmarish fashion. He particularly created realistically, terrifying sets highly dominated by equally frightening monsters, particularly aliens.

He once said that his influential works were dark and depressing in most cases according to reviews. He later moved on to pastels and light colors in his artworks, the form of art he made vastly known worldwide had significantly left a mark of subjective terror which art enthusiasts, directors, producers, and fans have highly appreciated and recognized.

Another thing noted on his artworks is the emphasis on blood, terrorism, and death, putting much into detail the power of bone illustrations covered in an eerie fashion. The creatures he incorporated in all his earlier paintings and media portfolio were indeed fascinating as they continually haunt every imagination worldwide. It must be really sad that the world have lost another precious talent that had the power to influence pessimistic art forms in a positive light in various ways.

Indeed, H.R. Giger is one of the most important artistic giants of all time. Please visit 'The Buzz Feed' website below for pictures and more information.

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