The Physical Manifestation of a Lesser Daemon Bound in a Wooden Cross

People have all sorts of strange interests, and it's this diversification that adds such a beauty to humanity. Here we have someone with a super interesting hobby of making strange creatures and different props for art and films. This one in particular is the physical manifestation of a lesser daemon bound in a wooden cross. The name is strange and the finished product is even more strange. Jacob Petersson is the person behind the "Curiomira" blog where he has fun making all sorts of creepy, weird, and interesting creatures. You can tell that a lot of dedication and time has been put into each and every piece he creates. There's just so much detail work involved it's truly amazing works of art!

He's gaining a lot of popularity on the web in recent times, as people applaud each of his latest creations. This particular physical manifestation of a lesser daemon bound in a wooden cross is a little more creepy than some of his other ones, but it could easily be a part of some cult classic horror film. It's bizarre to look at it, since it really does seem like some ancient artifact that was buried for centuries only to be recently found by modern day archaeologists. If you got this as a hoax and buried it in someones garden they would get quite the scare I'm sure !

Thankfully you likely won't be digging this up in your garden anytime soon, instead you can just appreciate it in its virtual form online. It's not a very big piece, but you can tell it took a lot of time to get this thing looking so haggard and old. This guy has been posting his work online since 2009, and is now becoming quite the hit among online communities who love a well made and strange looking creature.

Some of his past work is a little less freaky, so he clearly has a range in talent that isn't just confined to the bizarre. Some of his props are of little robots, others look like they came out of alice and wonderland, although they are for the most part more creepy than not.

It's incredible the amount of detail in each piece and you can tell by looking at his work that he really loves what he does. If you're into strange creatures and interesting props, this man is worth checking out. He's also a filmmaker based in Sweden, and his passion clearly translates across all that he does. The physical manifestation of a leser daemon bound in a wooden cross is one of his more recent works, so if this one peaks your interest then you will definitely want to checkout the rest of his collection. Just click on one of the links in this article to get redirected to the "Curiomira Jacob Petersson" websit today, and get ready to enter a whole new world of fantasy and make believe that's the perfect blend between creepy, beautiful, and incredibly unique!

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