The Pressure Cooker Makes Rich, Hearty Bolognese in Record Time

Who knew that the pressure cooker could make such a rich, hearty Ragù Bolognese in record time? This excellent main dish recipe is one that you will fall in love with, the delicious flavors of onion, garlic, carrots, and vegetables, with red wine, pasta, lamb, pork, and veal simmering in its broth in the kitchen. In this recipe version, the sauce doesn't get exposed to the same kind of dry heat as it would in a Dutch oven, so its good to build in browned flavors from the start by letting the pancetta cook until it's quite crisp. You need to start off by building a flavor base. The tenderizing effects of the pressure cooker will mitigate any textures that are undesirable. So many great ingredients in this Ragu Bolognese recipe from the aromatics such as the onions, carrots, celery, garlic, minced sage, and minced parsley. You can cook them just until they are softened in the rendered pancetta fat before adding in the finely chopped chicken livers. Not everyone likes the idea of adding chicken livers, and this step is optional. But it is recommended even by people who don't like liver, as it enhances the meatiness of the beef. The livers aren't 100 percent necessary but are encouraged for you to try them if you aren't afraid to even using half the amount called for will help.

Garlic is a popular addition to recipes as in a variety of cuisines. It is a close about the onion, leek, shallot, and chive has been used by people in recipes for over 7,000 years. Garlic is a native to central Asia and has long been a staple in recipes in the Mediterranean region. Garlic has been traced back as far as the Ancient Egyptians, for use for medicinal purposes and food recipes. Garlic has long been known to help in the prevention of the common cold, along with other beneficial health benefits. Pasta is food that you will find in homes around the world. It is a staple ingredient of traditional Italian recipes, with the first origins dating back all the way to 1154 in Sicily. Pasta is also commonly used to refer to a wide variety of pasta dishes. There over 300 specific types of pasta that are available in both dried and fresh pasta in a variety of shapes and pasta varieties. In Italy, you will find names of the different pasta types or shapes can often vary with each location. Pasta at one time was eaten plain, so the idea of using tomato sauce to give it flavor was revolutionary idea.

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