The Progress of Tiny Dream House

Have you ever wanted an inside view on the progress of a tiny dream house? Here's your chance to get an insider view on the design process of building a tiny house on wheels. Marjoram, the designer of this house, is an ambassador for the tiny house movement in the Netherlands. She began her tiny house journey in 2015 and is now living in her tiny house only a year or so later. She met with other designers throughout the process and talked about her budget, so she could have a realistic idea of how this project would get underway. Like many people building a tiny house on wheels, she was shocked at how quickly everything adds up. For such a small building you wouldn't think that the cost would be so high, but if you want all of the materials to be high quality, and the appliances to be safe to operate, you have to spend a little bit more than expected sometimes. Sure there are people who have built a tiny house on wheels for under $5000, but often times their homes are not equipped for harsh winters or rainy climates.

Building on a trailer is one of the things that makes building a tiny house on wheels more expensive than just building it on a foundation. The trailer for the tiny house can sometimes be half of the overall cost of the tiny house build. But it's very important to have a structurally sound trailer to build your house on, otherwise everything could be off kilter. The trailer acts as the foundation, and it has to be able to hold the weight of the house and the people and pets inside, so it needs have extra axels built into it to make it as strong as possible. There weren't many people building trailers that were specific for building a tiny house on wheels, but as the tiny house movement gains momentum, there are more trailer makers starting to design and fabricate them. If you're looking into building your own tiny house on wheels, shop around and get a few different prices from different trailer makers and see if you can go with the one that has the best design and the lowest price. There are some tiny house trailer designs online that you may be able to print out and take to a trailer maker to get the right design for your build.

Marjoram's tiny house is on a trailer, but you wouldn't know it unless you saw the front axel coming out of the front. The wheels of her tiny house are covered by a nice, big deck on the front of her house that doubles the square footage of the home, giving her more living space. Most people with tiny houses build decks like this so that they can have other places to sit and relax. Plus, under deck storage can also be a nice advantage. The interior of Marjoram's house is absolutely beautiful and so spacious for a small space. She has everything she needs for small house living including bench seating, tons of storage, a great kitchen with a full sized stove and fridge, lots of cabinets, and a cute little wood burning stove for those colder days. Her bedroom loft is accessible by a cute staircase with storage built in, and it has a nice large sunlight to add some light and a nice view of the sky above. She even incorporated a little bathtub into her design, which many people would love as a part of their small house living arrangement. Check out more photos of her design here, and the finished house on her website.***

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