The Quickest Way To Peel A Kiwi, Mango Or Avocado

Peeling fruits so they look appealing and intact can be somewhat of a mystery until someone shows you how. This video will give you a quick demonstration on how to peel a kiwi and a mango without making a mess of it. It just requires ripe fruit, a sharp knife and a medium size glass along with a spoon or fork. Check it out!

Have you ever seen and tasted a kiwifruit? If not, kiwifruit or also known as Chinese gooseberries is an all around fruit used in marinades, salads, dressings as well as fruit topping for your favourite ice cream. The flimsy flesh of the kiwifruit demands careful peeling to avoid damaging or splitting. In order to peel a kiwifruit using a knife or peeler, you must hold it firmly in your non dominant hand. Use your other other hand or the dominant to hold the knife. Apply tender pressure until you feel the skin is already peeled. Remember to not cut the fruit deeply or you’ll end up taking some flesh of the fruit. The key in peeling, is to peel it gently. Just like kiwifruit, mangoes are a soft fruit too; that is why this kind of method is applicable in peeling mangoes.

If you are trying to peel a kiwifruit using a spoon, easily cut off both ends using a saw-like paring knife. Glide a spoon in between the skin and the flesh. Exert a small amount of pressure and gently turn the fruit with your other hand and scoop the flesh away from the skin. This kind of method is usually use when you are trying to peel an avocado fruit too. Lastly, you can try blanching kiwifruit in order to remove the skin. You can do this by filling a pot with enough water and bring it into a rolling boil. Drop the fruit and blanch it for 20 to 30 seconds. Scoop the fruit and run it under a cold water. Finished!

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