The Secret to Perfectly Grilled Fish: Mayonnaise

You can find out the absolute best way to cook your fish right here and now! Here is a great cooking tip that will reveal The Secret to Perfectly Grilled Fish: Mayonnaise! Fish has to be one of the best sources of protein meat eaters can get, with out all of the high fat and cholesterol that other meats have. When it comes to delicious tasting and healthy foods, fish is right up there with some of the best. You can even take capsules of cod liver oil and fish oils to get all of the amazing health benefits of fish without having to eat it everyday. Salmon is a fish that extremely good for us, it has tons of omega fatty acids and oils that assist our bodies in many different ways. Omegas help our hair and nails grow and help us have nice, smooth and soft skin. They give us the healthy oils and fats that our body knows how to use rather than the cholesterol heightening fats that we see in less healthy foods.

Fish recipes are quite common these days, as more an more people are beginning to see that fish is very good for you and other meat is not that good for you. Making recipes with meats like beef, pig and chicken shouldn't be something we eat every single day even if we want to have a balanced lifestyle. So it is great that we have other options to cook, like salmon, halibut, tuna, tilapia and more that we can create amazing recipes out of. In our history, people used to just eat meat cooked over a fire, or even just raw straight form the animal. There was often no time to prepare it as a meal with spices and seasonings or recipes. People ate simply to survive in those days. Now, we eat food obviously to survive and keep our bodies nourished still, but in these days we also eat food for pleasure. We create amazing recipes to embellish the food to stir our tastebuds and we enjoy it immensely. Which is why over the decades and centuries recipes have appeared in countless ways, including over the internet which makes it extremely easy to find what you are looking for!

When you cook fish, most recipes usually call for oil in the process of grilling, baking or frying the fish. But this recipe is quite different in that it calls for mayonnaise as the ingredient that you coat the meat with before you cook it. Guest poster on Lifehacker, Kelly Dunn from The Kitchn food blog and website, shares this simple cooking technique to make sure that your salmon doesn't stick to the grill and so that it comes out tasting amazing every single time. The mayonnaise has a lot of good oils in it as well which add to the tenderness of the cooked salmon. You can ensure nice and juicy, flavourful salmon with every bite when you use this cooking tip! Another cooking tip is to put lemon slices on the fish in order to keep it from sticking to the pan or the grill. You can also use a cedar plank also to prevent sticking and to give the fish a nice flavour. The mayonnaise is a great cooking tip though because it sticks to the fish much better than any oil will. Usually oil will simply just come right off while the salmon is cooking and the meat will still stick, but with this awesome cooking tip, you will never fight with scraping fish off of the grill or a baking sheet again! Enjoy this great cooking tip and more on the Lifehacker website where you can find ways to help you in the kitchen, recipes and tips to improve life!

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