The Tiny House Escapade Has a Modern Design That Will Delight Fans of Pure Architecture

It's not every day that you get to go on a tiny house adventure, but that is exactly what you do when you take a peak at this tiny house on wheels video. Not only will you fall in love with the overall design of this small house on wheels, but you will be brought along on a tiny house journey while it travels to it's destination in Europe. This tiny house on wheels is a modern and beautiful design that will be used for full-time living by the owner. With all sorts of design details that make this place the perfect place to live from the super comfy loft sleeping space, the genius use of storage from underneath stairs and seating areas, to lots of windows to let in natural light. Everything combined is what makes this tiny house on wheels work. From the tiny bathroom to the tiny kitchen and dining spot you forget that there's not a lot of space and appreciate the design for all it is.

While this tiny house on wheels is going to be used for full-time living, this may not be for everyone. Tiny houses can be used for a variety of purposes from use as a guest cottage or vacation home, as an artist studio, backyard office, or as a playroom for the kids. You might consider a tiny house in your backyard to use for some extra space, something that can start out as a playhouse for the kids when they are small and grow with the family and maybe in the future be used as an additional space for sleeping or as a quiet place to write.

Before you consider a tiny house on wheels you will want to be sure and do a bit of research first. This is so you know all you need to know about the tiny house on wheels design that you are choosing. Tiny houses wheels are a great option if you want to have a home that you can take along with you or you want to move the tiny house in the future if you don't have a permanent location for it. It's also a great option if down the road you want to sell it. Tiny houses on wheels are also good if you want to move the tiny house around on your property so you can take advantage of some of the passive heating and cooling on your piece of property that depends on the season. There are four different types of trailers that you can use to build a tiny house on. A tiny house on wheels is usually considered a recreation vehicle (RV), but they aren't built the same as a recreational vehicle, with most small houses on wheels offering more quality building materials and home designs that are suitable for all season living throughout the year. You will also want to know the weight of the small house on wheels before you tow it to the location you want to stay or live. You need to make sure the v-class hitch is right for the weight you will be pulling. You will also want to check with local bylaws to see if you are allowed to park in the location, and whether or not a permit is needed.

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