The Top 10 Best Horse Names Of All Time

There are animal names that are so cool to hear and you know that their owner had thought of it very well that when you look at their face, you will realize that their names fit their personality and their characteristics. Naming your pets is pretty much like naming a child. It has to be interesting, catchy and something relevant. Today, we are going to give you some of the best horse names of all time. In case you own a horse or just about to have one and you can’t seem to find a name for it, this article might help you get an idea.

1. Real Quiet- you have to admit that this horse’s name is already intriguing. This horse won the 1998 Kentucky Derby race. And just like his name, he comes without a warning that you won’t expect he could bust a gate to win the race.

2. Joe Cotton- this horse sounds like he is almost human. It does sound like someone who has good looks, partnered with a wit that could pretty much answer the mysteries we have in the world. But no, he was a horse. He died in 1888 while racing and the most interesting part is when his death was accounted by the New York Times. They didn’t say he died but rather used the word destroyed. It sounds like he was someone who is not possible to even experience death.

3. Tabasco Cat- no, it’s not a cat but it’s still a horse that we’re talking about here. We have no more information as to why he was called Tabasco Cat, but we would like to assume that it’s because he was hot on the track that he won the 1994 Belmont race.

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